RD sharma class 11 maths book

RD sharma class 11 maths book pdf

Objective questions in mathematics rd sharma class 11 pdf book free download rd sharma iit jee class 12 mathematics book pdf Download rd sharma ebook pdf for iit jee advanced practice objective questions for jee advanced.

RD Sharma math book for students is a good option for practice. Students need to read this book from starting. Therefore, students of class 11 and class 12 should practice rd sharma books to score high in JEE MAINS Maths. Students those practice these books will be able to answer all types of difficult questions.

Why RD Sharma book for class 11 and 12 is the best for IIT JEE ?

  1. RD SHarma books provide a lot of question for practice.
  2. Its qestions are different in every chapter.
  3. This book gives questions as per questions patterns of IIT JEE, for example, subjective, mcqs etc.
Are RD SHARMA BOOKS for class 11 and 12 enough for JEE Advanced ?

Though, these books make you more comfortable with the chapters, you need to follow books of Arihant.

RD Sharma books help in making your fundamental stronger. If your teachers instruct you to to a training, the teachers there advocate you to resolve NCERT for Board Preparation additionally as clearing your thought. instead of NCERT, which may be a dolly for you, you should do RD Sharma.

RD Sharma is undoubtedly one of the best books for Class 11th, 12th JEE Advanced as well as for JEE Main preparation. The book covers all major topics of mathematics that are being used for IIT JEE Mains as well as Advance Exam.

Important study materials

ARE RD SHARMA Books Enough for JEE Mains ??

RD sharma books are enough for JEE MAINS preparation and for this, JEE aspirants need to revision the book two to three times.

Additionally, you have to solve previous year test papers as well as question papers to make you ready for jee mains. If you only depend on this book, don’t forget to practice this book two to three times.

RD Sharma book for class 11 & 12 is a good one not only for JEE MAINS but also for the board exam. So, keep on pacticing previous years question papers and it will help you a lot in scoring more.

R.D Sharma of Maths Class 11

  • chapter 1 Sets 
  • chapter 2 Relations 
  • chapter 3 Functions 
  • chapter 4 Measurements of angles 
  • chapter 5 Trigonometric functions 
  • chapter 6 Graphs of trigonometric function 
  • chapter 7 Values of trigonometric functions at sum or difference of their angels
  • chapter 8 Transformation formulae 
  • chapter 9 Values of trigonometric functions at multiples and submultiples of an angle 
  • chapter 10 Sine and cosine formulae and their application 
  • chapter 11 Trigonometric equation 
  • chapter 12 Mathematical induction
  • chapter 13 Complex Number
  • chapter 14 Quadratic equations 
  • chapter 15 Linear in equation 
  • chapter 16 Permutation
  • chapter 17 Combinations
  • chapter 18 Binomial theorem
  • chapter 19  Arithmetic progression
  • chapter 20 Combinations
  • chapter 21 Some special series
  • chapter 22  Brief review of cartiesian system of rectangular coordinates
  • chapter 23 The straight lines
  • chapter 24 The circle
  • chapter 25 Parabola 
  • chapter 26 Ellipse
  • chapter 27 Hyperbola
  • chapter 29 Limits
  • chapter 30 Derivatives 
  • chapter 31 Mathematical reasoning

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