JEE Main Solved Physics Sample Paper Set-XI

JEE Main Solved Physics Sample Paper Set-XI

JEE Main 2017 Solved Physics Sample Paper Set-XI can be found in pdf format in this page. This sample exam is crucial for the 2017 JEE Main examination.
IIT JEE Exam is a national engineering entrance examination. It is administered in two stages, JEE Main and JEE Advanced, in order to grant admission to IITs, NITs, and other famous engineering institutes.

About Paper

This article’s JEE Main Solved Physics Sample Paper Set-XI has thirty questions from Physics. Subject Experts at Jagranjosh have crafted each question to be extremely relevant from an examination perspective.

Importance of Sample Paper

Sample questions and questions from past years are useful for evaluating your preparation and time management. It will also assist in improving your examination performance.

Here are a few questions from the sample paper:


1.         70 calories of heat are required to raise the temperature of 2 moles of an ideal gas at constant pressure from 30oC to 35oC. The amount of heat required in calories to raise the temperature of the same gas through the same range (30o to 35oC) at constant volume is

(a) 30                          

 (b) 50                          

  (c) 70       

d) 90

2.         Two vessels having equal volume contain molecular hydrogen at one atmosphere and helium at two atmosphere pressure respectively. If both samples are at the

            same temperature the mean velocity of hydrogen molecule is

            (a) equal to that of helium                              

            (b) twice that of helium

            (c) half that of helium

(d)  √2 times that of helium

3.         Electric lines of forces about a negative point charge are

            (a) circular, anti-clockwise                             

            (b) circular, clockwise

            (c) radial, inward

JEE Main, Physics

3.         (c)

JEE Main, Physics

5.         (d)

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