Vedantu Study Material PDF: JEE Mains & Advanced MODULES 2021-22

Vedantu Study Material PDF: Jee Mains And Advanced MODULES 2021-22

About Vedantu JEE-

Vedantu JEE is a dedicated JEE Main and Advanced Preparation channel for IIT JEE aspirants. The Channel attempts to provide a solid foundation for JEE (JEE Main & JEE Advanced). This is the correct channel for you if you’re looking for JEE Main Preparation and JEE Advanced Preparation assistance and training.

Subscribe now for free daily JEE LIVE classes in all disciplines, including JEE Math, JEE Chemistry, and JEE Physics. All of these are provided by the best professors in the country, who have created top JEE rankers through comprehensive online JEE Main and Advanced Preparation. Wherever you are, Vedantu JEE Master Teachers can now provide you with high-quality education. This is the appropriate place for you to prepare for JEE competitively if you are looking for the best channel for JEE Preparation & JEE Motivation.

About vedantu free study material-Vedantu JEE’s Modules, in my opinion, are the best for JEE Mains and Advanced.

Index Of Modules of vedantu study material jee pdf

  1. The Entire Theory
  2. Examples that have been solved
  3. (Exercise 1)- Basic Objective Questions
  4. (Exercise 2) JEE Mains Questions from Previous Years
  5. (Exercise 3)Advanced Objective Questions
  6. (Exercise 4) Previous Year JEE Advanced Questions
  7. Answer Key

Vedantu Study Material PDFs –

Physics – class 11th
Physics – class 12th
Chemistry – Class 11th
Chemistry – Class 12th
Mathematics – Class 11th
Mathematics – Class 12th

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